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Why Choose Us

  • All of our performers come from a performance background, whether this is singing, dancing, acting or performing arts.
  • Our performers maintain the character accent and characteristics throughout the appearance, making the child truly believe they are meeting their favourite character.mermaidprincessfriends
  • We always use stunning and high quality costumes, wigs and accessories to make our characters look realistic.
  • Our interactive appearances and events are tailored to engage audiences of all ages.
  • As an established company we have an extremely successful track record with 5 star reviews and testimonials.
  • We hold in depth training before any of our performers attend a party/appearance.
  • Regular team meeting are held where we hold workshops with our performers.
  • All of our performers have a firm knowledge of the character they are playing & the children truly believe they have met their favourite Fairytale Character.
  • Our mission is to create an immersive experience for children (and adults too!) where we can inspire creative thinking, kindness, sharing, good manners, friendship, hope and so much more!