Intergalactic Parties

Due to the increasing demand for us to provide action characters, we now also provide Spiderman, Captain America and Super-Girl as well as the following Star Wars characters; Jedi Knight, Rey, Darth Vader, X-Wing Pilot.

These characters are of the same high replica quality as our Fairytale Characters and the performers are in character at all times.

Superhero Package – £55 – maximum of 15 children

25 minute meet and greet with ONE of your favourite Superhero including Birthday Wishes and Photo Opportunities

 Dynamic Duo Package – £155 – maximum of 20 children

 1 hour in character appearance with TWO of your favourite Superhero characters to include a special Superhero Gift, an all action entrance, meet and greets, a Superhero themed pass the parcel and an additional party game with a prize for the winner. The Happy Birthday sing-a-long with the presentation of the Birthday cake and photo opportunities.

 ‘Jedi Training Academy’ Party Package – £200 – maximum 20 children

 A truly ‘out of this world’ 75 minute interactive experience including Jedi Training and Lightsabre skills by our Jedi Master and the Academy’s Lightsabre instructor. Following completion of the training, Darth Vader will invade the party, demanding to know what is going on, the Padawan (newly trained fledgling Jedi’s) will then have the opportunity to battle with the Dark Lord in the hope that he can be defeated and driven back to the Death Star.

During the victory ceremony that follows, each child will be presented with an authentic Jedi Certificate to remind them of the special day.

There are plenty of Photo Opportunities throughout and the lightsabres are provided for use during the training session.

Children are encouraged to dress in their own Jedi Robes.

We can also provide deluxe themed party bags

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